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    Default Tips on Healing Glaucoma Naturally

    Glaucoma is one of the serious eye problems which can cause eye blindness. Increased eye pressure is a sign of glaucoma. Eye surgeries and eye drops may commonly be suggested to release the high ocular pressure in the eye. However, it is really ironical that the side effects of surgeries and eye drops would also lead to ultimate blindness.

    According to Dr. Leslie Salov’s book "Secrets for Better Vision", most glaucoma patients have very stressful and busy lives, most of whom are highly intelligent professionals. Dr. Salov believes that in order to improve eye health you should improve your entire health simultaneously, because every apparatus in your body can affect each other, and eyes are only a small part of your whole body. Simply speaking, in order to heal your eyes you must heal your body first, including physiology, biology, chemistry, philosophy and even spirituality.

    Dr. Salov had recommended several methods to treat glaucoma. Through visualization you can control your body by your mind in order to heal itself. When you thinking good images in your mind, it can relax the muscles of your eye’s canal of Schlemm in which watery substance is collected, so that extra fluid can be excreted and the eye pressure can be relieved. Visualization has the similar function with eye drops, when it doesn’t have long-term side effects, for instance pieces of iris falling off, causing blockage. It is important that you use visualization with dedication and consistency, so that you can get the maximum benefits.

    Meditation is a condition of thinking of nothing. It is another way to removes your stresses and worries after a day’s working. Because stress can lead to chemical changes in your body, decreasing blood flow and oxygen level.
    Through deep and slow breathing you can deep clean your body and mind, and also improve your eye health
    A no-meat diet is strongly recommended by Dr. Salov, because the antibiotics, chemical dyes, and growth hormones in meat can also destroy your eye health. Without strong immunity, your eyes cannot utilize their natural healing ability.

    Do them in your daily life, and you will see your glaucoma being healed naturally.

    Proctect our vision by wearing decent eye glasses.
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    Eyes are the most beautiful and important part of the body. but there are many disease that can affect the eyes and some of them are dangerous and can reason of blindness. One of the most common and eye affecting disease is called glaucoma what you have explained in detail. For treating this particular problem there are many generic drugs which are available at drugs store. Brimonidine Tartrate is one of the most popular eye care product in the market. It is a FDA and MCA approved drug and comes in reasonable price.
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    I recently found out I am slowing developing glaucoma. Any tips on how to prevent it?
    Haha, nerd.

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    My grandfather is also showing signs of having glaucoma, maybe because of his age, is there any way or tips to prevent or somehow slow the process? Our eyes are still very precious to us.
    eye weary



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