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Thread: ReSTOR lenses?

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    Default ReSTOR lenses?

    I am scheduled to have cataract surgery on both eyes in December. One option is to get the ReSTOR lenses and the other option is to get the standard lenses that have been used for so many years. The ReSTOR are supposed to give you near, mid and far vision without having to wear reading glasses. I have heard both good and bad things about them. Bad is that people suffer from glare and halos at night and have trouble seeing in low light.

    Has anyone had any experience with ReSTOR lenses? I would be grateful to hear your feedback, good or bad. Thanks

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    Well, 4eyes4me, you've probably already made up your mind and done the thing you've decided to do. I had the reSTOR lens implant surgery on my left eye complete with astigmatism correction on December 20. So far, I am not happy with it. Although in comparison with my right, glasses corrected eye, the whites are whiter and brighter; the printed words are fuzzy, sometimes disappearing in a white haze, as if milk or whitewash had been spilled on them. My surgeon says that a possible correction is needed in astigmatism and/or lens. Anyone else have this sort of experience? What did you do?



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