Wanted to get qualified opinions on the best progressive lens for my situation. I have a light prescription as noted below.

sphere od +1.50, cylinder od -0.75, axis 100 near ado +1.25
sphere os +0.75, cylinder od -0.25, axis 058 near ado +1.25

I work on a computer but not at a desk. I am a digital tech for still photography and need to be able to see far, intermediate, and near as best as possible. 70% of my time is intermediate work, 20% is far vision work, and 10% is near vision work. I would like to read comfortably with this prescription though also.

I've read about the Zeiss hd lenses and the verilux physio lenses. Can those in the know, help me out with the best choice.

VERY much appreciated and thank you in advance.